Home of Firefox and Thunderbird. Take back the web!

The Free Software Foundation
Home of BASH, EMACS, G77, GCC, G++, GZIP, PERL, TeX and many other great software utilities.

The Internet Software Consortium
Home of BIND and DHCP.

Sun Freeware
Free software for Solaris. Includes source code and package files for Solaris versions from 2.5.1 through 10 on Intel, Sparc and AMD platforms.

The Samba Home Page
Samba is an open source software suite that provides seamless domain authentication, file sharing, and print services to Windows clients from UNIX and LINUX servers.

Oracle Java
The home for Java technology.

The LINUX Kernel Home Page
Forget proprietary... build yourself an open source, industrial strength POSIX compliant system which includes true multitasking, virtual memory, shared libraries, proper memory management, and rock solid IP networking.

Full featured UNIX for Sparc, AMD, and Intel platforms.

If you think VMS is going the way of the dinosaur then you should recognize that 35 years of industry leadership doesn't just go quietly into the long dark night.

Microsoft Windows
The reliability of a true protected mode, virtual memory operating system complete with the user friendly GUI the PC community already knows.